Crimson Hemp Silk Vest

$ 80.00 $ 320.00

This one-of-a-kind hemp silk creation is made for rock stars and geniuses. The perfect balance of princely glam and street fighter bring butch to another level. It features side angle zip from neck to bottom, extreme silk paneled detail texture, and black velvet lining.

Fit for medium to large build.

It is a hemp/silk blend with velvet lining and hemp/organic cotton hood. 

machine wash gentle and hang dry.

The hemp fiber is strong and will last many moons, while the medium density weight is great for many climates. 

Your purchase is a vote for hemp: more hemp purchases = more reason to grow hemp/legalize hemp = heal the planet! This hemp fabric is from an integrity company in the USA and this piece will be produced in San Francisco. Your purchase contributes to a stronger America and a thriving local economy.