Red Hemp Silk Dress

$ 120.00 $ 242.00

When red is your power color, wear it! Here is a one-of-a-kind relaxed fit dress for many occasions from office to church to ladies lunch!

-It has an oversized bohemian feel with a pulled in stretch waist

-This is hemp silk and gives a great satin feel with easy care: machine wash/hang dry/iron
-The hemp fiber is strong and will last many moons, while the medium density weight is great for many climates. 

-This is plus size- oversize for 1x to 4x (model is womans 28/30)

Your purchase is a vote for hemp: more hemp purchases = more reason to grow hemp/legalize hemp = heal the planet! This hemp fabric is from an integrity company in the USA and this piece is made in San Francisco. Your purchase contributes to a stronger American economy and a thriving local economy.